Wisconsin Expansion of Renewable Electricity with Optimization under Long-term Forecasts
  • What does the Wisconsin energy system of tomorrow look like?
  • Is that energy system technically feasible?
  • What policy interventions in Wisconsin, if any, would unlock market forces to
    achieve optimal energy performance as indicated in the technical models?
  • What planning scenarios would maximize the economic, national and grid security, environmental and social benefits to Wisconsin at different investment amounts?


UPDATE! – WEREWOLF is now  an interactive GAMS MIRO application. Check out screen shots under the Miro tab.


WEREWOLF (Wisconsin Expansion of Renewable Electricity with Optimization under Long-term Forecasts) is an independent, multi-year planning tool that provides data driven cost and benefit information regarding investments and operation of the Wisconsin energy system of tomorrow. It engages state of the art computing and data science technology, coupled with strong economic principles of competition and efficiency, to provide cost estimates and scenarios for strategic investments in new energy technologies that will be flexible to the uncertainties of technologies, policies and economics in the rapidly changing energy marketplace. The software infrastructure will allow policy analysts to directly interface to the model, and in collaboration with the proposer and associates or independently, carry out scenario runs (comparative statics) to explore the design space fully.